Read letters of appreciation from three people who
were helped by Torah Life & Living:

A distraught mother struggles to save her daughter against the odds.


I am writing to tell you a story that could have been sad, but hopefully we will have a very happy ending thanks to a very caring, giving and concerned man. Aaron Schwarzbaum and Torah Life and Living. His cause is Judaism and saving young adults who have been taken in by groups that are deceiving them regarding their Jewish beliefs.

My daughter always had a strong feeling for God. Even as a young child, she wanted to be a rabbi when she grew up. I kept a kosher home; she attended services every Friday night and Saturday morning. She was Bat Mitzvahed and won many honors throughout her Hebrew School education.

As she grew older, her desire to study religion continued, but with the wrong people in the wrong surroundings. At first I was elated that she was so religious and attending services. Later I found out that it was not a temple that she was attending, but a Baptist Church that appeared to be a temple. She wore a star of David, but preached the gospel.

I was shocked and dismayed and began my journey to find help. As I searched for help to save her from these misconceptions, I found there was nowhere to turn for help: the Jewish community had betrayed me, as my daughter had been betrayed. Yes, I spoke to Rabbis, renowned specialists, and experts on cults. But no one offered to save my daughter from the teachings that were instilled into her mind. I was without help to remedy this situation, until I met Aaron Schwarzbaum.

Aaron spent two days talking to my daughter; showing her scriptures from the Bible to contradict the principles she had been brainwashed to believe. This man gave of his time and sat patiently as my daughter argued with disbelief. He never let up his fight to prove her wrong.

He called Israel to get her into a Bible study program there. He succeeded and was able to get her a discount on the tuition. If that was not enough, he raised $500 for her transportation.

We need to take a long hard look at this problem. Too many people in the Jewish community are looking the other way denying the problem exists. This is a serious situation that we must confront immediately. It can happen to anyone, at any time at any age. We must develop a support system whereby young adults can be helped and brought to realize that what they are being told is propaganda. Let's start looking at our vulnerable teenagers who are taken in by these groups.

We must stand armed and prepared to fight this battle. There must be help for all the other daughters and sons who are being separated from their families by lies.

There must be more Aaron Schwarzbaums ready to help with this problem. There must be parent support groups, cult awareness classes and education.

Please realize there is a real problem within our Jewish community and it is not being addressed.

A Jewish Mother



Torah Life and Living affects the life of one woman's family.

Dear Aaron,

As I watch my child celebrate his first wedding anniversary, I still cannot believe how fortunate I am to be blessed to see this happy ending to so many years of terrible sadness. As I think back to the times I met with you, Aaron, in the late hours of the night in North Miami Beach to tearfully ask for your guidance, I still remember your kind words and heartfelt belief that we could save my son's life. You placed your family's needs second and ran to help my son first. You taught us the importance of "planting seeds" and that you never know which seed will sprout and grow roots to connect our child back to his family and his Jewish roots.

Often I am reminded of God's angels that are sent out to accomplish important acts of kindness. You are truly an angel who has the strength of belief in the important work you do to help keep our children Jewish and to protect them from the evil forces which try to tempt our children into dark places. Even now, years later, I still fear the cult "master" who stole my child. I now watch other people's children out on the streets, caught in a web of evil and I wonder where their families are and how much pain they must be feeling.

I wish I could be as selfless and brave as you are, Aaron, to risk your own family's economic security to help some other child. I will always be grateful to you for rescuing my child and bringing him back to me. I pray God will continue to give you the strength you need to assist other families in their struggle to keep their children Jewish. I hope this community will realize that without your selfless deeds, our children would remain on the streets, lost and alone. We must support Torah Life & Living so that you can support us as we reach out for your help and guidance.

Thank you for returning my child to me and my family.


Torah Life and Living helps a Messianic Jew reconnect with her Judiasm and her family.

Dear Aaron,

Thank you for teaching your classes on 'Refuting Christian Missionaries.' Every class you taught helped me overcome all the confusion I was feeling as a former "Hebrew Christian". Hearing the enumeration of falsified and misquoted verses helped me overcome the brainwashing of Christianity.

I was a "Hebrew Christian" for about seven months. Coming from a close family, I knew that accepting Jesus, as I had, would only forever create disharmony and frustration in my household.

Therefore, I needed an answer! "Someone has got to have one for me!"

So I spoke with several Rabbis (Reform to Orthodox) who gave me answers that I could not accept. I would repeat in my head over and over again, "I had the truth and they did not." In fact, every time I spoke with a pious Jew I felt sorry for him. I would mumble to myself, "Moses' veil has not been lifted, for he can not see or hear the truth. This poor Jew is still in Satan's domain."

Aaron, I know you were aware of my confusion. And you knew that teaching me a love for Judaism was not enough to help me with my problem.

Educating me using the same sources as they did, i.e., The New Testament, and teaching me the falsehoods of Christianity was the only way I began to rethink. You helped me wash my brain from all their futile influences I know I was one of the very few lucky people to have been redirected, and in such a short period of time.

Hopefully, someday soon I will be able to help others as you have helped me. With absolute best wishes forever!

Your student,